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How much should I charge to make prints?

We have created a price guide for the most common materials available on Treatstock to help print services determine what the most suitable price should be for their service. Please note that these prices are just a suggestion and they may vary slightly depending on the time and effort print services put into printing, and we encourage print services to carefully think about and include these charges when deciding on their print prices.

Remember, that over-charging will only hurt your chances of receiving orders, and reasonable prices will lead to more successful orders.

To make it easier for you, we recommend downloading a sample Cup.stl and compare different cost estimates with the rates you set up:

  1. Open the sample model in a slicing software you tend to use and check if the weight estimates we calculated match the ones on your side.
  2. Then, you can try different rates to see what amount meets the suitable cost for you to print the sample file.
  3. Include cost compensation for weight difference if it occurs.

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