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How is my intellectual property protected?

For designers that publish their 3D models on Treatstock, we offer a unique dual layer of protection. Firstly, only certified machines that have provided a form of identification (e.g. drivers license) and a verified telephone number can download the files to produce the order for the customer. It's then the certified manufacturer's responsibility to destroy all digital copies of files contained in the order, including all derivative work and trace logs, after completing the order, or if the order is canceled. If the manufacturer is found to breach their responsibilities, we have their information to pursue further action.

The second layer of protection, which also covers 3D models that are not published on Treatstock, is that we use an innovative system called Watermark 3D to automatically insert a secret watermark into all STL files downloaded by the manufacturer. The watermark, which is practically invisible and undetectable without the correct password, causes no structural changes to the design and contains information pertinent to a particular order and its manufacturer.

If you think that a manufacturer on Treatstock has infringed your intellectual property rights, please contact us with the STL files and we can check to see if they contain the watermark. To protect your STL files on other platforms, we strongly recommend getting them watermarked on Watermark 3D as it's free to use with a limit of up to 10 STL files per day.

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