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How do people purchase my products?

After your products are published, they will be available for everyone to view and purchase. On your product’s page, it is possible to “Get a Quote” on it. When submitting a request for a product, one can provide additional details such as the required quantity, deadline, and comment. They see an approximate price of the products based on the quantity selected.

On your side, you will see such requests in the Quotes section. You can view each request and provide a price estimate for each client, message them, or decline a request. Make sure you discuss specifications and delivery with them. Once everything cleared, double-check the costs quoted to ensure you accounted for everything required for successful product delivery.

Additionally, you should provide a time estimate and a brief description of products and services for a customer. To finalize a quote, press “Submit a Quote”.

Now, a customer has a choice to accept the costs and details and pay for a product or decline your offer altogether. This process is held in such a way to cater to purchases in bulk from first-hand manufacturers of products and equipment, which may take some time to produce on-demand.

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