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What is the difference between 3D models and Products?

3D Models and Products are two tools closely related, they have significant differences in working mechanisms:

3D Models

  • 3D Models are published for a customer to order 3D printed only;
  • The customer chooses themselves, which vendor prints a 3D Model as well as materials, color, size, quantity, infill and more;
  • Author of a 3D model earns a commission from people ordering it printed;
  • Price for 3D models should be a small fee for using the design and not the cost of an actual 3D printed version of it;
  • Author of a 3D model is responsible for their design to be 3D printable and functioning (if any specific functions are mentioned in the description);
  • Author of a 3D model should suggest best materials, scale, and technologies to make their design work but can’t be responsible for end print result;
  • It is a customer’s responsibility to select proper settings for their order of a model.


  • Products are published, produced and sold by their owner only;
  • Customer can only choose certain specifications of a product if the vendor offers such options;
  • Product’s price should include all costs except delivery;
  • The right to manufacture and sell a certain product belongs to one vendor specifically - customers can’t order the same product from a different supplier.

Both 3D models and Products are published in the Products catalog for easy purchase. They share the same categories and tags as well.

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