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How much should I charge for my designs?

Here at Treatstock we appreciate the blood, sweat, and tears you have put into your models, and we want you to get a satisfactory return for your hard work. Although the decision to price your models is completely up to you, we have a few tips that we believe can help you to achieve more sales.

You should know that the price that your customers pay to get your model into their hands is made up of the price for your model, manufacturing fee, shipping fee, and our service fee. So, if the model price is quite high to start with, the final price can potentially scare the customer away, and it could take you a while to make a sale. In addition, when your customers purchase your model, they cannot download the model. The files are sent directly to a manufacturer to complete the order. Therefore, you will receive payment each time your design is ordered on Treatstock.

Make sure the prices are reasonable and adequate for your models. In most cases, a lower price can make you more money!

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