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What are My Business Tools?

Treatstock has developed a widget that can increase orders for your manufacturing business. In just a few clicks, visitors to your website can upload files, view your materials and colors, calculate real prices and place an order directly with you right then and there.

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Advantages of using My Service widget


Customer Tools

Customers can upload and view their files as a 3D render in different materials, colors and sizes to gain a better understanding of what they want to order

Price Calculation

Customers will have access to fast and accurate information about the cost of producing their 3D models with your manufacturing service

Instant Orders

Orders and payment are made directly through the widget without the need for back-and-forth emails, phone calls or confirmations

Save Time

Orders are processed automatically allowing you to save time

Save Money

The automated process of the widget allows your business to run more efficiently

Range of Technologies

The widget is compatible with a wide range of technologies and machines

Order Receipts

All orders come with receipts in the form of e-statements which can be downloaded by your customers

Financial Security

Customers pay for orders using our secure online payment system, giving you the financial security to carry on with running your business

Promotional Tool

Your current and potential customers will get the latest information about your manufacturing service and its achievements

Multiple Formats

Various formats of 3D models are supported, including the most popular - STL and PLY


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