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Shipping Guidelines

When mailing an order, choose a sturdy box with extra room to also add enough cushioning material around the contents for protection and to prevent items from shifting during delivery. Tape the box shut and reinforce the seams with two-inch wide packing tape. To avoid overweight surcharges, we suggest using the smallest box possible for shipping. If you selected Treatstock delivery service for your delivery option, we recommend using USPS standard boxes or similar with the following dimensions. If you self-ship, we strongly recommend that you do not dispose of the mailing receipt until after the order is completed for proof of shipment.

Parcel sizeWidth (in)Length (in)Height (in)
Small Box5-3/8"8-5/8"1-5/8"
Medium Box11"8-1/2"5-1/2"
Medium Box 11-7/8"3-3/8"13-5/8"
Large Box12"12"5-1/2"
Large Box12"12"8"


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