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Why do I need to fill out tax forms?

Regardless of your country of residence, the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) requires that we request and keep a signed copy of a Form that indicates basic information about our vendors and their country of residence. If you are a U.S. person, you will need to complete Form W-9 and provide an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN), or your Social Security Number (SSN). On the other hand, if you are a Non-U.S. person, the appropriate Form W-8 needs to be completed.

If within 90 days, you do not provide us with the properly completed tax form, we are required to withhold taxes at the rate of 30% of your total earnings.

Please keep in mind that if you provide us with your completed tax form at a later date, we will be unable to return the amount withheld as we do not retain it. It is passed on to the government by law. It is recommended that you speak with a tax professional about your potential U.S. reporting requirements, remission of U.S. taxes due and also to explore the possibility of obtaining a refund of part or all of the amounts withheld, if applicable.

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