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How to become a manufacturer?

First, you need to create an account and then sign in. Scroll over to the top right corner of your screen with your avatar and username, find the My Business section and click on Become a supplier. You will need to complete your public profile information, including your business name and description. We suggest describing your skills and experience as a manufacturer - this information can always be edited later on. You can also upload a logo, public banner, and some work examples in your portfolio, as well as insert links to your website and social media accounts. After your public profile information is saved, you should provide your phone number, and check and confirm account settings.

Now you will have more options in the My Business dashboard. To add a Service, click on the Services tab, click “Provide a Service” and choose the option you need: 3D printing, CNC machining or Other Services.

If selecting 3D printing or CNC machining, you will need to add a manufacturing machine, edit the material options and enter delivery details. You can add as many machines as you like, but will need to register them one at a time. Please note that each machine will go through moderation before it is published on Treatstock.

For 3D printing, you are required to print a test model for each 3D printer. The number of machines doesn’t influence the number of incoming orders. Therefore, if you have many machines with the same specifications, feel free to add only one of them to save time.

Under “Other Services”, you can list such services as CNC manufacturing, 3D Design, Injection Molding, Signage and more. You are required to enter a title, price, select the type of service, upload work examples and provide a description of the service. Additionally, you can include tags and average production information, videos, certificates, delivery details, and more. Once you are finished, you can Publish the service or Save it unpublished and continue editing it later. Please note that your service will go through moderation before it is published on Treatstock.

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